“I worked with Aimee when she represented a client in a matter where I was the mediator.  The case related to a long running and seemingly intractable dispute in which there were strong feelings on both sides.

As a mediation advocate, Aimee was professional, thorough, and astute in representing her client’s interests.  She was sensitive to the wider issues influencing the settlement discussions while appropriately putting forward the legal case.  The mediation day was long and far from easy for the parties.  Throughout Aimee worked hard and was very effectively both in her relationship with the party that she represented and in negotiating with the other party.  As a consequence, she played a substantial part in bringing about a resolution for the benefit of her client.” – testimonial


“Aimee provided me clear and concise advice on complex legal issues that I don’t normally come across during my normal business day. She was able to explain the legal procedure and planned in advance to bring in the correct resources at the relevant time. At all stages she provided knowledgeable support in what was a multi layered case, breaking it down the  into clear understandable components that facilitated easier decisions.” – testimonial