Tapyard Studios creates new bar and music offering

A new bar/cafe venue in Newcastle will also create opportunities for the region’s next generation of music talent through providing studio and performing space.

Tapyard Studios is to open in Hoult’s Yard and will offer leisure and meeting space with café during the day and a relaxed bar by night, with a focus on music throughout.

The venue will offer three studios and a 300-capacity performance space which can hold live gigs, and will offer new opportunities to performers from across the North East and greater variety for music lovers.

Tapyard Studios, which will officially open on Saturday, is created by entrepreneur Sam Roberts, who is relocating to Newcastle to establish the venture after managing a bar and music venue in Leeds and seeing the potential for such a business.

Committed to helping to develop the next generation of musical talent, Sam also owns We Are Heard, a venture which enables schools to generating funding though recording and selling their own albums of songs and works with thousands of pupils across the country.

And through Tapyard Studios, Sam – who is financing the venue himself – hopes to add further to both Newcastle’s leisure and music scenes with the creation of his first venue.

“The place I used to work in Leeds was amazing, unfortunately it closed despite its rapidly increasing popularity with a really diverse crowd. I saw the potential for a model which brought a bar and cafe together with music studio and rehearsal space. It was a really magical combination,” he said.

“I looked all around Leeds and in various other cities to find the perfect venue. I found this place at Hoult’s Yard and it ticked every box and decided to go for it, so I have now moved to Newcastle.

“I have played in bands my whole life and care about music and creating opportunities, so I am really excited to open Tapyard Studios and help support existing and future talent.”

Sam has been supported with his opening by Sarah Smith, head of licensing at Sintons, who secured the licensing of the premises.

“I’m not from Newcastle and wasn’t sure where to go, but Sarah was recommended and I am so pleased to have met her. She has been so dependable and is so knowledgeable, and I’m really grateful for the support from day one,” says Sam.

Sarah Smith adds: “Sam is absolutely committed to music and to creating opportunities for the next generation – the success of We Are Heard shows his ethos and values, and it’s fantastic he is now creating a venue to take this commitment even further.

“Tapyard Studios will bring even more diversity to Newcastle’s vibrant leisure scene, with an informal bar/cafe offering combining with the music aspect to create something really exciting for the city.”

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