‘First class’ service for injured steelworker

A steelworker who received private healthcare after an accident has praised Sintonspersonal injury team, saying the service he received was ‘first class’.

Mr M was injured at work when he was carrying lengths of steel and tripped over metal which had been left lying on the floor.

His right quadriceps tendon – which connects the thigh muscles to the kneecap – was ruptured, leading to surgery. The ongoing effects of the injury include pain, the inability to kneel and an impact of Mr M’s ability to drive and continue his sporting activities.

David Knipe, senior associate at Sintons, explains: “This case is an example of how an avoidable occurrence can have a long-lasting, serious impact on a person. In fact, an assessment by an orthopaedic expert showed that the effects of Mr M’s injuries mean that he’s likely to meet the criteria to be classified as disabled, according to the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equality Act 2010.”

Sintons’ personal injury team works closely with medical experts who can assess both the physical and psychological impact of injuries and provide recommendations for treatment.

In the case of Mr M, experts warned that, although he’d made excellent progress since the incident, he was vulnerable to relapses, so Sintons ensured that private treatment provision was put in place as part of his settlement.

“It’s not just the physical effects which we take into account in a case like this,” added David Knipe. “We always take the time to understand the psychological impact of injuries and we make sure our clients get the appropriate support – both in the immediate aftermath of the incident and in the future.”

The claimant, Mr M, said: The service I received from Sintons was first class. The way that David Knipe treated me personally from beginning to end was exceptional. Always very friendly and taking the time to explain every detail.  

“I was kept well informed throughout the claim and Sintons made sure I received the very best private healthcare treatment available.  I will always be very grateful to Sintons.”

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