Factory worker secures settlement

A man who sustained injuries to his back and psychological trauma after an incident at work has been supported in securing a claim by serious injury specialists at Sintons.

The man was injured while working in a factory and walking between stands to find a pallet, when he slipped on an oily liquid and landed heavily on his back.

Already living with a degenerative back condition, medical experts estimated the injury he sustained accelerated the decline by 18 to 24 months.

The incident, in January 2018, also caused significant psychological injury with depressed mood, acute stress symptoms, sleep disturbance, anxiety, lapses in concentration and social withdrawal.

Due to his injuries, the man remained unemployed since the incident, with his former employer unable to make work adjustments or redeploy him because of his back injury and accompanying chronic pain and stiffness.

The claimant, a Polish national, turned to serious injury specialists at Sintons for support in pursuing a claim to enable him to access the medical support and rehabilitation he needed.

As well as having a nationally-known personal injury team, Sintons has a specialist in-house Polish team within the department, supporting Polish clients throughout their claim to simplify the process and ensure there are no barriers in language or understanding.

“I really appreciated the professional approach and help in every aspect of my case,” said the claimant of the service he received from Sintons.

David Knipe, an associate with more than 20 years’ experience of personal injury litigation, led the man’s claim against his employer. The claim settled after Court proceeding had begun, enabling the man to secure a favourable settlement to support him to move on with his life.

“This was a very avoidable incident which caused our client significant injury and pain, and ongoing psychological trauma as a result of what happened,” says David.

“Although it was a long-running claim and settled after Court proceedings had actually begun, this shows our commitment to pursuing and settling a claim, no matter how long that may take. Clients best interests are our primary concern at all times and our results on support that.

“Our Polish team were also of great importance in this case; delivering support to Polish-speaking clients in their first language is something we know is invaluable and enables us to give another level of support to clients.

“In this case, we were very pleased to secure a settlement which will support our client in moving on with his life. We wish him the very best for the future.”

David Knipe is an Associate in the Claimant Personal Injury team at Sintons in Newcastle upon Tyne. Contact him at david.knipe@sintons.co.uk or on 0191 226 7926.

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