What I’ve learnt: Amanda Maskery

Amanda Maskery is a partner and head of NHS Healthcare at law firm Sintons. Recently named as one of the leading lawyers in the North of England in recognition of her work in healthcare around the UK, Amanda began her career with Sintons 17 years ago when she joined as a trainee.

Be inspired by the people you work with and for. I joined Sintons as a trainee and the senior partners have all been hugely influential, but, in particular, I would say Jim Dias, the former chairman of Sintons, the late Andrew Walker – the most amazing man who oversaw my training – and also Hilary Parker, a hugely esteemed name in healthcare, from whom I have learnt so much. Catherine Wood, a former partner, has also been a fantastic mentor to me through the years.

Invest the time and effort into your network. These relationships can last for many years so to succeed in business you need to develop and maintain these relationships. You never know where a contact will take you and where it will lead to. Many of our clients have been with Sintons for years and I think a large part of that is because we have built such strong and trusting relationships with them.

Use your experience to support others. I have had this since I started with Sintons, and I have progressed from trainee to partner level and more recently to head of our fast-growing NHS Healthcare team, so it’s fantastic to be able to support others in progressing and achieving their goals. We have a strong team and great dynamic and that is evident to clients.

Be prepared. Do your background work before a meeting or presentation, as you will quickly come unstuck if you don’t. Our healthcare team puts a huge amount of effort in behind the scenes and that pays off. We have recently won some big national tenders, including with NHS Shared Business Services and, as well as the quality of our work, our levels of planning and preparation always ensure we stand out from the crowd.

Get the best professional advice you can from advisors you trust. Don’t be afraid to change and look around until you find someone who ‘gets’ you and understands your goals and aspirations. Many of my clients have done just that, and have come to Sintons as we have specialists who truly understand the NHS and its unique complexities. By getting great advisors in place from the outset, you can be confident you are getting off to the best start in business.

Find people – professionally and personally – who will go on that journey with you. You should have confidence they understand you and will act in your best interests.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from others. I often seek advice and a second opinion from colleagues and fellow professional advisors, and that can only help you and your clients.

Always be kind and supportive and always be there for your team. I am a big believer in working collaboratively so working as a team is second nature to us. While we are fortunate to have a lot of experience in our department, we are also proud to also have trainees and newly-qualified lawyers joining the team – by giving them work that challenges them and opens their eyes to the complexity of the job, we are also helping them to be their best.

Lead by example. Encourage your staff to do a great job and support and guide them as much as they need. Be inclusive and ensure you involve everyone. And be supportive on a professional and personal level so your team know they can confide in you should they need to. Be tenacious and never give up. Keep going and plugging away, and never stop while there is even the smallest chance of success.

As featured in North East Times Magazine on 4/10/18.

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