Family Mediation Week – 16th-20th January 2023

Family Mediation Week is used as an opportunity to raise awareness of family mediation and the benefits of using mediation for family law related issues.

When you are faced with a family law issue, effort should be made to resolve the dispute without involving the Courts. These are known as Alternative Dispute Resolution options (ADR). One of the most popular and effective ADR methods is mediation.

In family mediation, the parties involved in the dispute engage a mediator, who is an independent third party and has no authority to make decisions for them. A mediator uses certain skills to help parties to resolve their issues by negotiated agreement without adjudication.

The mediator will usually meet the parties together and will try to help them to clarify and resolve their issues on a basis which they find mutually acceptable. The mediator may give information on the issues at hand, but cannot offer legal advice to the parties.

Mediation offers several advantages compared to court proceedings and other forms of dispute resolution. These include:


You can decide which topics are addressed and negotiated on and you will reach an agreement rather than a decision being made for you.


The parties have greater control over the process and can decide which mediator to instruct and how the process will be conducted.


Court proceedings are often a costly and difficult process. Mediation can be a significantly cheaper option and the costs can be split between the parties.


The parties are in control of the speed at which negotiations progress. Since timetabling a mediation session is not dependant on overburdened court resources and judicial listings, it is often a much quicker dispute resolution process.


The whole process of mediation is private and confidential, and no one can rely on it without the expressed consent of the other party.

If you would like some further advice in respect of mediation or consider this may be an option to resolve your dispute, please do not hesitate to contact one of our family team for more information on 0191 226 7878, or at

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