Private water arrangements

Many rural properties are beyond the water mains network and have to rely on private supplies.

This can be a simple issue where there is a single residential property being supplied from a source within its own boundary.

However, many rural properties may have once been part of a larger farm or estate, which has become fragmented. The deed setting out rights and responsibilities surrounding the water supply may have been lost or never existed. The same situation can arise where utility water is being delivered via a private pipe network.

We can ensure that the regulations are met and the correct services are in place with adequate rights. At Sintons, we have been involved in rationalising the water supply network for several estates, covering rented property on the estates as well as property which is no longer part of the estate.

Private water should not be regarded as “free”. There is a cost involved in maintaining the supply infrastructure and ensuring that the regulations are complied with. There can be a future “cost” to the capital value of property if the water supply appears insecure.

If you would like any further information or to discuss any rural related matter, please contact Tom Wills, head of the agriculture & estates department at Sintons.