Environmental issues

Land can have many designations. It may be SSSI, BPS, HLS, NNR, SAC, NVZ, WPZ, LFA, SDA, DA, ESA, NP, AONB, LNR, WHS or some other strange acronym? If so, what does it mean? There are a large number of environmental land designations.

There is a whole raft of environmental regulation that apply to activities on all land. This covers areas such as pollution, waste disposal, vegetation burning, tree felling, protected species, weeds, invasive species, fuel storage, manure and slurry storage, septic tanks and private water supplies. There may be Environment Agency Permits, Water Abstraction Licences or Woodland Grant Schemes.

At Sintons, we have specialist knowledge of environmental regulation anunderstanding of rural land and experience of dealing with the regulatory agencies so can ensure that you receive the correct advice.

If you would like any further information or to discuss any rural related matter, please contact Tom Wills, head of the agriculture & estates department at Sintons.