Reasonable Adjustments


The Equality Act 2010 requires us to provide reasonable adjustments for disabled people, defined by The Act as those who have a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on that persons ability to carry out normal day-today activities.

Sintons Law therefore gives an undertaking to our clients that wherever possible, we are committed to improving accessibility to everyone we deal with by making sure our buildings or services do not present obstacles for disabled people.

Reasonable Adjustments

The types of reasonable adjustments Sintons law may be able to offer include but are not restricted to:

  • Providing documents or correspondence in a larger font size;
  • Providing documents on coloured paper or with specific colour contrast which can often help people with conditions such as dyslexia;
  • Allowing a person who has a learning disability or mental health problems more time than would usually be allowed to provide further information – except where there is a statutory deadline which Sintons have no power to change;
  • Using email or telephone in preference to hard copy letters where appropriate, which may assist those with vision impairment;
  • Speaking clearly to the people we deal with and offering additional time to cover the issues they need to discuss – this will help everyone understand our processes and procedures;
  • Using plain English appropriate to the person we are dealing with and avoiding jargon;
  • Provision of car parking close to our building entrance and exit;
  • Arranging meetings in rooms which have appropriate facilities;
  • Providing information on audio tape – either informally or through a specialist transcription agency;
  • Providing a sign language interpreter, either in person or DVD format;
  • Translating documents or correspondence into Braille;
  • Communicating with people through their representative (whether legal representative or otherwise) or advocate, if requested and approved by them;
  • Helping someone who has mental health problems to understand and manage the regulatory action Sintons Law are taking by arranging a single point of contact within the firm; &
  • Arranging home visits.

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