Your Questions Answered

Pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation can involve complex issues of law and can be extremely confusing. As a consequence we have attempted to answer some of the more common questions which are raised. These are set out below:

Q: Is there a time limit within which I must begin a personal injury claim?

A: Yes, in general court proceedings must be issued within three years from the date when the injury was sustained. There however are a number of exceptions to this rule and different time limits may apply in certain circumstances.

Q: How much compensation will I receive?

A: It is almost impossible to accurately indicate what level of compensation will be recovered at the outset of any claim. This is because medical evidence will be required to identify the nature of the injury sustained and how long symptoms will persist. Other issues will be relevant to the level of compensation which you can expect to receive including the recoverability of any losses and expenses you have incurred. For further information see How Your claim is Calculated and Types of Compensation.

Q: How long will my claim take?

A: It is difficult to estimate how long a claim will take as this will depend on a number of factors including the nature of the injury and also whether the other party admits responsibility for the accident. At Sintons we endeavour to pursue all claims as quickly as possible but will never look to agree compensation until all relevant evidence is available.

Q: Will the negligent party pay my legal fees if I win?

A: Yes, providing you recover more than £1000 for pain and suffering, the negligent party will be ordered to pay the bulk of your legal costs. These are known as Party and Party costs.

Q: Who will pay my legal fees if I lose?

A: Where your claim is pursued on a No Win No Fee basis, providing you follow our advice you should not pay a penny if your claim does not succeed.

Q: Can I still bring a claim for compensation if the Company responsible for my injury is no longer in existence or is about to go out of business?

A: Yes, it should still be possible to pursue a successful claim providing we can identify the Company’s insurers.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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