Workstation Injuries Compensation Claims

Your employer has a duty to ensure that your work station is safe and fit for its intended purpose.

Specific protection is provided for employees who regularly use computers and display screen equipment under the Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

Under these Regulations an employer must assess the layout of the work station and ensure that it is safe for use by each individual employee. Any such assessment must take into account the risk of injury arising from use of the work equipment and the posture adopted when doing so. The nature of the work must also be considered in order to avoid injury and steps taken to ensure that the work is periodically interrupted by breaks or changes of activity.

The Display Screen Regulations require regular eye tests to be undertaken and a review should also be undertaken to ensure that lighting is appropriate.

In addition the Regulations apply not only to full time employees but also in certain circumstances to agency workers, home workers and part-time staff. It can even apply to self-employed individuals undertaking tasks on behalf of another organisation.

Computer work stations and equipment can be associated with a number of muscular skeletal injuries including neck, shoulder, back or arm pain.

Further information regarding obligations imposed upon employers to provide safe work stations can be found on the Health & Safety Executive website.

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