Visual Impairment Compensation Claims

Visual impairment is defined as when a person has sight loss that cannot be fully corrected using glasses or contact lenses. For the purposes of claiming personal injury compensation, it is necessary to distinguish between:

  • the total loss of vision and
  • the loss in one eye and other visual impairments.

It is also important to appreciate that visual impairment which may not impact significantly upon day to day activities, could still prevent a return to your pre-accident occupation and lead to a significant loss of income.

The loss of one eye (acquired monocular vision) can cause problems with hand eye co-ordination, depth judgments, orientation, mobility and various activities of daily living such as playing sports, climbing stairs, and crossing the street.  That said, some individuals with monocular vision have been able to adapt to their condition over time and suggest that the loss has not changed their life in any permanent way.

Visual impairment or the loss of sight in one eye may not prevent you from undertaking a number of activities although it may affect your ability to obtain employment. You may still be able to drive a car or motorcycle subject to passing certain criteria. It will not be possible however to hold a Heavy Goods Vehicle or Public Service Vehicle Licence if you have monocular vision. It is also unlikely that you would be able to hold such a licence with impaired vision, although this may depend upon the level of disability.

Other ocupations that are likely to be most affected are those that require close work and prolonged visual vigilance. The loss of one eye or some visual impairment would not automatically prevent you from operating machinery although your employer would need to be convinced that you could do so safely.

In addition to the obvious visual limitations that you may suffer, the psychological consequences of such an injury should not be overlooked.

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