Different types of Personal Injury Compensation

Personal injury compensation falls into two basic categories:-

Compensation for pain and suffering will be determined by the nature of the injury sustained and the symptoms which persist. Awards can be made for both physical and psychological injury providing it can be established that all symptoms arise from the negligence of a third party.

It is also possible to recover past losses and expenses together with those that will be incurred in the future as part of a personal injury compensation claim. To do so it must be established that the sums claimed are reasonable in amount and that they have or will arise as a direct consequence of the injuries sustained.

It is important that appropriate evidence is obtained to identify the full extent of such losses and expenses in order to ensure recovery of appropriate compensation.

In most personal injury claims compensation will be paid in one lump sum. This is known as payment of damages on a full and final basis. In certain circumstances however it may be possible to obtain an award of provisional damages enabling a further award to be made at a later date.

At Sintons we can provide detailed advice in relation to all aspects of personal injury compensation claims and the sums that may be recovered.

In addition, all claims for personal injury compensation are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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