Travel Accident Compensation Claims

Many people travel substantial distances on a regular basis, either as part of their work, whilst visiting friends and family, or to enjoy a holiday. This may involve using various modes of transport and travelling between different countries.

As a consequence should you be involved in an accident as a result of a journey that you have taken, it is important to establish what law will apply should you wish to seek personal injury compensation. In particular it is important to establish:

  • Whether a claim can be brought in the UK as a result of the accident and
  • What laws will apply even if the claim is brought in the UK.

The answer to these questions will be determined by a number of factors including the location of the accident, the mode of transport being used at the time and the nature of the journey itself.

Special rules apply to road traffic accidents which occur in the European Union which may entitle you to bring a claim in the UK. On some occasions however, the level of compensation that you receive will be determined by the laws applicable to the country where the accident occurred. This would not be the case however if the defendant was also from the UK or if you were involved in an accident during part of a package tour.

Special rules also apply to accidents which occur on aeroplanes and ships travelling between different countries although once again in most circumstances it should be possible to pursue the claim in the UK.

Different time limits apply to different types of claim and as a consequence it is important that you seek expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity to ensure that any claim does not become time barred.

At Sintons our specialist personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in pursuing travel accident compensation claims which have occurred both within and outside the UK.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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