The Rehabilitation Code

Many of our clients come to us with serious and life changing injuries. At this time, rehabilitation is of paramount importance. We understand that early, and continuing, access, to skilled rehabilitation professionals, specialist treatment and equipment optimises recovery and can be instrumental to achieving your long-term goals.

The Rehabilitation Code (“The Code”) is a framework that we can use to help secure agreement from the Defendant (the other side) to identify rehabilitation needs and take steps towards putting in place the rehabilitation required to address those needs as early as possible, and often before liability has been admitted.

At the earliest opportunity we will invite the Defendant, or more commonly their insurer, to agree to fund an Immediate Needs Assessment Report, (the “Needs Assessment”).  Such requests must be responded to within 3 weeks.

The Needs Assessment

Once the Defendant has agreed to fund the Needs Assessment, we work with them to identify a specialist case manager to carry out an assessment. The appointment will usually take place within 21 days of their appointment at your home.

The purpose of the assessment is to assess your injuries and what treatment you need going forward. The case manager produces the Needs Assessment that will make a number of recommendations which can include:

  1. what further medical treatment you need:
  2. what therapeutic input you need;
  3. whether any adaptations are needed to your home and or vehicle;
  4. what assistance and support you need around the home;
  5. what support and assistance you need to continue your daily activities and hobbies;
  6. what aids / equipment you need to facilitate rehabilitation and your independence; and
  7. what steps should be taken regarding your return to work, wherever possible.

It is in this way The Code allows you to access specialist rehabilitation advice at the earliest opportunity.

Upon receipt of the Needs Assessment we will invite the Defendant to fund the costs of the recommended treatment for you so that you do not have to worry about the cost of the rehabilitation at what is already a difficult time for you and your family. If the Defendant agrees to fund any of the recommendations, they usually do so in full and usually you will not be expected to repay the costs.

Many Defendants, and especially their insurers, will agree to fund rehabilitation even before they accept liability because they know that such costs are quite modest and can result in significant savings where a better recovery is achieved.

Unfortunately, as the Code is voluntary, there are times that the Defendant will not agree to fund treatment or rehabilitation. When a Defendant does not voluntarily agree to fund the treatment or rehabilitation under The Code it may be possible to obtain an interim payment for this purpose.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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