Tenosynovitis Compensation Claims

Tenosynovitis refers to swelling of the protective synovial sheath that covers the tendons in certain parts of the body. As a consequence by definition tenosynovitis can only occur where the synovial sheath is present. The area most commonly affected is the wrist following overuse of the hand and arm.

Rapid repetitive and forceful hand and arm movements undertaken over a prolonged period of time and without adequate periods of rest can cause tenosynovitis. On most occasions the swelling and inflammation will resolve quickly upon rest and as a consequence symptoms should rarely become permanent. However it is believed that should symptoms persist without adequate treatment, the condition may become chronic.

Under the Manual Handling at Work Regulations employers are obliged to undertake an assessment of all manual handling activities where there is a risk of injury. This includes work where the loads being moved are not heavy but the task involves rapid repetitive and forceful movements for prolonged periods. Workers on production lines are often at risk of developing upper limb disorders.

Every employer is obliged to take steps to reduce the risk of personal injury as far as is reasonably practicable. This may include the introduction of regular breaks or a system of rotation, so the same task is not being undertaken by the same person throughout the course of a shift. In addition, all employees should be warned of the dangers and instructed to report any symptoms of pain and discomfort in their arms. This is to ensure that effective action can be taken before symptoms become chronic.

In the event that you have been diagnosed as suffering from tenosynovitis or any other upper limb disorder whilst undertaking work of this nature, it may be possible to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation.

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