Tennis and Golfers Elbow Compensation Claims

There is considerable debate as to whether Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow can be properly described as work related upper limb disorders. This is because many people argue that these conditions are not caused by work activities.

Many such arguments are based upon the fact that Epicondylitis is not recognised as a prescribed disease for the purposes of Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit. This is because the Industrial Injuries Advisory Council found that there was no direct causal link between Epicondylitis and any particular occupation. However, this does not mean that Epicondylitis cannot develop as a result of certain work related activities.

The term ‘Epicondylitis’ refers to inflammation of the extensor or flexor muscles where they meet the elbow. Tennis Elbow refers to Epicondylitis on the outer part of the elbow whilst Golfer’s Elbow refers to Epicondylitis on the inner side of the elbow. In both instances pain may spread into the forearm and wrist. It is usually treatable by rest, physiotherapy and steroid injections, but symptoms can become chronic necessitating an operation.

Any work activity which places excessive strain on the extensor or flexor muscles may give rise to the development of Epicondylitis. As a consequence employers should ensure that assessments are undertaken in relation to all manual handling activities in order to identify those which may give rise to a risk of personal injury.

Appropriate steps should then be taken to reduce the risk. This may involve the introduction of regular breaks, a system of rotation or regular  assistance from colleagues. In some cases it may even require modification of the work practices or the introduction of lifting and handling equipment.

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