Stress & Psychological Injury Compensation Claims

It is possible to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation should you suffer from a variety of psychological conditions depending upon the nature of the illness and the circumstances in which symptoms develop.

Generally speaking it is possible to recover compensation for stress and psychological injury in the following circumstances:

As with all claims for personal injury compensation it is necessary to establish that somebody else is to blame for the development of your condition and that they can be held responsible in law for their actions. The factors that the Court will take into account when considering blame will differ depending upon the circumstances in which the psychological injury has developed. In addition the nature and severity of the condition which has developed must also be taken into consideration when determining whether compensation is payable.

In the event that you sustain psychological injury as a result of a criminal act it may be possible to obtain an award from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. An award however will only be made where the symptoms are of sufficient severity to justify an award in excess of £1,000 for pain and suffering. Unlike personal injury compensation claims no legal costs can be recovered for submitting an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.