Slips & Trips in a Public Place Compensation Claims

Slips, trips and falls are a common part of everyday life. Having said this, whilst the initial accident can often appear somewhat comical the effects can be devastating. Falling only a short distance can still lead to significant injuries which can have a life changing effect.

Most slips, trips and falls arise because of the presence of debris or an obstruction on the floor or because the floor area itself is poorly maintained.

All employers have a duty to ensure that they provide a safe place of employment. This duty extends to the provision of safe access to all people woking in the premises whether directly employed or not. This will include the provision of suitable walkways and adequate lighting. All work equipment must be safely maintained to prevent any leaks of oil or other residue which could represent a slipping hazard whilst the layout of the work equipment should be undertaken in such a way so as to prevent any tripping hazards.

The owners and occupiers of any premises  must also ensure that all potential hazards are clearly marked and that protective measures are taken where appropriate. This would include for example highlighting any changes in floor level and any obstructions or low doorways and beams which may represent a potential danger.

Local Authorities are obliged to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of trips and slips on a pavement or highway. It is recognised however that each Local Authority must work within a budget and as a consequence the duties imposed upon them to provide safe roads and pavements is limited.

Should you suffer injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall it may be possible to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation if another party was at fault. To assist in pursuing any such claim it is always helpful to obtain evidence of the defect which you believe caused the accident. This may include photographs of the debris, obstruction or tripping hazard together with details of the appropriate dimensions. The accident should always be reported where possible and details of any witnesses obtained.

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