Scarring and Disfigurement Compensation Claims

Should you be involved in an accident and suffer lacerations or burns there is a significant risk that you may be left with a scar or some form of disfigurement.

The depth and size of the laceration will influence the appearance of the scar as will the nature of the treatment that you receive. Where a significant laceration occurs and you should attend hospital, where specialist treatment can be obtained greatly reducing the potential for residual scarring.

Scars can also result from scalds and burns or exposure to chemicals. Once again the severity of the scarring that remains will depend largely upon the severity of the initial injury and the subsequent treatment that is received. Effective first aid is often of critical importance.

Where serious damage occurs to the skin, operative treatment may be required to release or ease the scar tissue and skin grafts may even be necessary. A skin graft is a surgical procedure that removes healthy skin from an affected area of the body which is then used to cover the area of damaged tissue. Skin grafts may also be necessary where there have been significant injuries involving major tissue damage and serious lacerations, or where surgical intervention has been necessary as a result of the injury.

Other forms of disfigurement may arise from serious injuries such as the amputation of a limb, finger or toe or a severe fracture which may result in bone loss or residual swelling and scarring.

The psychological impact of scarring and disfigurement is well recognised and should always be fully considered when pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation. Expert medical evidence should be obtained both with regard to the nature of the scarring or disfigurement and the psychological symptoms which have arisen as a consequence.

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