Road Accidents Involving Hit & Run Compensation Claims

In some road traffic accidents it is not possible to identify the driver that was responsible for the incident. These are often known as ‘hit and run accidents’ because it was known that another vehicle was involved but the driver left the scene without providing any details.

Should you suffer personal injury in a road traffic accident caused by an untraced driver, it should still be possible to pursue a claim for compensation by applying to the Motor Insurer’s Bureau (known as the MIB).

Any company offering motor insurance in the UK must be a member of the MIB. As a member they will contribute to the MIB levy which provides funds to pay claims for compensation where the driver to blame was uninsured or untraced.

Whilst hit and run accidents are the most obvious claim that will be submitted to the MIB under the Untraced Driver’s Scheme it also covers other potential claims such as:

  • Claims by bus passengers injured when a bus is forced to brake suddenly to avoid a collision with an untraced vehicle;
  • Accidents caused by oil spillages or other debris from unknown vehicles.

Where an accident is caused by an untraced driver, proceedings are not pursued through the Courts as with other claims for personal injury compensation. Instead any personal injury compensation claim would be subject to the terms of the Untraced Driver Scheme operated by MIB. Any application to the MIB must normally be submitted within 3 years from the date of the accident failing which it will be automatically refused.

At Sintons our road traffic specialists have a wealth of experience in submitting successful personal injury compensation claims to the MIB where the accident was caused by an untraced driver.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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