Respiratory & Chest Conditions Compensation Claims

Many respiratory and chest conditions are caused by industrial or occupational exposure to hazardous substances or fumes within the workplace.

Such conditions are traditionally associated with occupations such as mining, shipbuilding and heavy engineering. However a variety of workers in other fields such as the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, milling and baking, textiles and agriculture are also at risk of developing respiratory conditions caused by dust and other airborne agents and vapours.

Conditions which can arise from occupational exposure include asbestos related conditions, occupational asthma, bronchitis & emphysema, COPD, silicosis and coalminers lung

Most of these conditions tend to develop over a period of time and have been caused by repeated exposure which has occurred over many years, often with a variety of different employers. Symptoms may only become apparent once such employment has ceased and in many cases long after some employers have ceased trading.This should not prevent a successful personal injury compensation claim where negligent exposure can be established and the Company’s insurers can be identified.

Even where the Defendant Company no longer exists and no insurer can be traced, some payments may still be possible in certain circumstances. An award may be recoverable for Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit if your condition is recognised as a prescribed disease. In addition, Government backed schemes may also make compensation payments in relation to certain conditions such as asbestos and silicosis.

Respiratory conditions are not just a part of our industrial heritage and many jobs today involve the use of substances which can give rise to chest disease.

Accordingly an employer has a duty to ensure that anyone undertaking work on their behalf is protected from the ill effects of inhalation of any hazardous substance. Exposure to hazardous substances should be avoided wherever possible, but where this cannot be achieved, workers should be provided with effective personal protective equipment (PPE) such as respirators and facemasks.

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