Rehabilitation Services

Access to effective Rehabilitation is of prime importance for many people who suffer a serious injury.The purpose of Rehabilitation is to identify and provide appropriate medical treatment to aid both physical and psychological recovery. In addition aids and resources should be available to help injured people return to normality so far as this may be possible.

Rehabilitation can take many forms including the provision of physiotherapy, counselling and other private medical treatment, as well as the supply of special aids and equipment. It can also look to address longterm issues such as retraining and help with re employment or more immediate needs such as transport to attend appointments. Accordingly Rehabilitation can assist in relatively minor personal injury claims in addition to those involving injuries of maximum severity.

An independent needs assessment may be required to identify the extent to which Rehabilitation will be required. In more serious injury claims a case manager may be necessary in order to co-ordinate the implementation of a Rehabilitation plan. This should be reviewed on a regular basis.

Early intervention by suitably qualified experts is vital if all needs are to be identified and maximum benefit is to be achieved. In such circumstances you require a personal injury compensation specialist with experience in Rehabilitation services to ensure that you can obtain the appropriate level of care and assistance.

On most occasions early rehabilitation relies upon funding from the negligent party as the services will either not be available through the NHS and Social Services; or waiting lists are likely to be considerable. Pressure often needs to be applied to the negligent party and their Insurers to comply with the Rehabilitation Code. Where agreement cannot be reached to fund Rehabilitation it may be necessary to commence Court proceedings and apply for an interim payment for this purpose.

At Sintons we have a wealth of experience in pursuing complex personal injury compensation claims. As specialist personal injury lawyers we recognise the importance of early intervention and appropriate Rehabilitation. As a consequence we regularly work with Rehabilitation experts to ensure that all needs are identified and maximum benefit is achieved.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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