Rehabilitation Assessment

Should you suffer ongoing disability as a result of an accident or industrial disease, any claim for personal injury compensation should consider the need for rehabilitation and what practical assistance may be required to ensure the best possible outcome. This will require a rehabilitation or ‘independent needs’ assessment. The purpose of the assessment to explore the suitability of various types of rehabilitation and also the extent to which these will be of benefit.

The assessment should be undertaken by a specialist nurse, occupational therapist or an individual holding similar professional rehabilitation qualifications. It may also identify the need for other experts to become involved at an early stage in order to ensure that rehabilitation is effective. In more complex cases a case manager may be required in order to co-ordinate the implementation of a rehabilitation plan.  This should be reviewed on a regular basis.

The assessment may also identify equipment and aids which will allow you to increase your independence and general levels of activity which in turn can have significant psychological benefits.

An interim payment may be necessary in order to obtain aids and equipment or to fund private medical treatment.

At Sintons we recognise the importance of early intervention and appropriate rehabilitation.  As a consequence we regularly work with rehabilitation experts to identify the needs of our clients to ensure maximum benefit is achieved and all needs are appropriately identified.

Our personal injury specialists can advise you on all issues relating to rehabilitation as part of your claim. All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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