Recording Accidents at Work

Where an accident at work occurs, a significant amount of documentation should be available which may assist in establishing negligence.

Such documents may include:

  • an accident book entry;
  • accident investigation report;
  • accident report to the Health and Safety Executive or Environmental Health Department;
  • minutes of any health and safety meetings where the accident was discussed;
  • the risk assessment in place at the time of the accident;
  • a review of the risk assessment; &
  • training records and details of instructions or supervision.

Every employer has an obligation to ensure that any accident at work is recorded and that where appropriate the Health & Safety Executive or the Environmental Health Department are informed of the incident.

A detailed investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident should also be undertaken to identify how it happened and how a similar incident could be avoided in future.

Risk assessments must be undertaken in order to identify not only the risks arising from particular work activities but also the steps which should be taken to reduce that risk. The assessments should be reviewed on a regular basis and also following every accident or complaint which calls into question the suitability of the existing safety measures. Employers also have a duty to consult with their employees or their representatives, on health and safety matters including the prevention of accidents at work.

Should you suffer an accident at work it is essential that all accident investigation documentation is identified and considered. Such documentation will often prove vital when determining who was responsible for the accident and whether compensation may be recoverable.

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