Physiotheraphy Services after suffering a Personal Injury

Should you suffer a personal injury, early medical intervention can be of great benefit not only to help bring about a quicker resolution of symptoms but also a more complete recovery.

It is widely recognised that it is much harder for personal injury victims to achieve a full recovery should active treatment be delayed. This can have significant long term psychological as well as physical effects. In many cases the NHS is only able to provide limited physiotherapy treatment. You may also experience a significant wait for such treatment.

When pursuing personal injury claims we recognise the importance of early intervention and appropriate medical treatment as part of an effective rehabilitation package.

At Sintons we believe that compensation is about more than money, it is also about ensuring that facilities are made available to maximise recovery. That is why we work closely with specialist providers of physiotherapy services across the UK.

Where appropriate we are able to offer free physiotherapy treatment as part of you personal injury compensation claim. This will always be with a specialist close to your home and the first appointment will usually be within 72 hours of instruction.

Our personal injury specialists can also advise you on all issues relating to rehabilitation as part of your claim. All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

To begin a personal injury compensation claim or obtain further advice with no obligation contact Sintons 24/7.