Pain & Suffering

In personal injury claims, compensation for pain and suffering will be determined by reference the severity of your injury or condition and the symptoms which persist.

The sum paid should take into account the level of disability that will remain and how this will affect your normal activities.

Expert medical evidence will be required to identify the exact nature of the injuries sustained and how long symptoms can be expected to last. The expert will also have to identify the restrictions that are likely to arise from persisting symptoms and assess the impact of any pre-existing conditions or previous injuries. In more serious cases medical evidence will be obtained by both parties and it is not always possible for the experts to reach agreement.In such circumstances a Judge will determine which evidence is preferred and asses the appropriate level of compensation accordingly.

Where there has been a significant injury, evidence should be obtained from friends and family to describe how the ongoing symptoms have affected you and prevented you from undertaking certain tasks or hobbies. This may extend to any psychological injury and change in personality that may have arisen as a consequence.

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