Needlestick Injury Compensation Claims

Needlestick injuries refer to wounds caused by needles or other sharp objects that puncture the skin. They are sometimes known as ‘sharps’ injuries. Where such an accident occurs at work you may be entitled to recover personal injury compensation.

Employees most at risk of needlestick injuries tend to be those working in the health sector such as staff at doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and care homes or alternatively domestic staff and refuse collectors.

Specific legislation now applies to health workers following the introduction of the Health and Safety (Sharps Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013. In addition the HSE has produced a Health Services Information sheet.

Regardless of the nature of your work, procedures should be in place wherever needles and other ‘sharps’ are used on a regular basis. Any employee required to work with needles and ‘sharps’ should receive appropriate training and if necessary adequate personal protective equipment. This also applies to any employee required to remove and dispose of rubbish which does or may contain needles or other ‘sharps’.

In most cases the puncture wound does not give rise to a major injury but only short term pain and discomfort. Issues arise however because on many occasions the needle or ‘sharps’ may have been contaminated and could lead to the development of a blood borne disease, in particular Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV.

Should you suffer a needlestick injury you should seek urgent medical advice and if necessary provide blood samples to be tested for such conditions. Unfortunately it is usually necessary to wait many months before a final blood test can eliminate the possibility of infection. In such circumstances it is possible to claim personal injury compensation for the anxiety which arises during the time when the test results are awaited. Where infection does occur and leads to the development of a blood borne disease additional personal injury compensation can be recovered.

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