More than Money

Suffering any form of personal injury can be a catastrophic and life changing event. This can have a major impact your life and also have a significant effect upon your family and loved ones. Coming to terms with a serious injury and the limitations that can arise represents a major challenge. In such circumstances money can only do so much.

At Sintons we recognise the impact that an injury can have on everyday life and the problems that can arise as a consequence. Accordingly, we not only aim to recover the maximum level of personal injury compensation, but where necessary we will ensure that you receive the appropriate help and rehabilitation to get your life back on track.

As soon as a personal injury compensation claim is opened, we work in conjunction with a national physiotherapy provider Connect Physical Health, to identify where early treatment will be appropriate. In many cases we can offer physiotherapy and associated treatment through Connect Physical Health at no cost and within 72 hours of instruction. Early physiotherapy treatment will often result in a much faster and a much more complete recovery.

The financial constraints placed upon the NHS can mean long delays and limited treatment. As a consequence we seek to obtain access to expert rehabilitation services at the earliest opportunity pursuant to the Rehabilitation Code. Such intervention is vital where a serious injury occurs, not only to aid recovery, but also to minimise the disabling effects of the injury and to improve quality of life.

Such an approach ensures that you can obtain the maximum level of assistance to help you cope with your injuries, whilst at the same time recovering the compensation you need to meet any additional costs. We work with a variety of rehabilitation providers such as Reach Personal Injury Services, Medicess and HCML to obtain independent assessments and assistance for clients suffering from the effects of an accident or an occupational disease.

We also recognise that in many cases the pain and suffering will persist long after compensation has been received and a personal injury claim has been concluded. Accordingly we work closely with voluntary organisations such as Headway, the Spinal Injuries Association and the Northern Acquired Brain Injury Foundation, to identify what additional support is available.

Our specialist personal injury solicitors have a wealth of experience in addressing rehabilitation issues and ensuring that appropriate support is available as part of an accident or disease compensation claim.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

To begin a personal injury compensation claim or obtain further advice with no obligation contact Sintons 24/7.