Mesothelioma Claims

Where it can be established that there has been negligent exposure to asbestos it should be possible to pursue a successful claim for personal injury compensation arising from the development of mesothelioma.

Unlike asbestosis, it is not necessary to pursue a compensation claim against all parties responsible for the negligent exposure. This is because all negligent parties are held to be jointly responsible and liable to pay full compensation. Accordingly a claim could be brought against one Defendant who would have to pay the total compensation awarded. The Defendant could then seek a contribution from the other negligent parties at the conclusion of the claim.

Whilst it is usually sensible to include as many Defendants as possible to ensure funds are available to meet the full claim, it does mean that the claim need not be unduly delayed should it prove difficult to trace some of the negligent parties.  

Special provisions have been put in place to fast track mesothelioma claims in the High Court to ensure that victims recover compensation at the earliest opportunity. 

In addition special funding arrangements presently exist which mean that should you be suffering from mesothelioma it will be possible to recover 100% of your compensation with no deductions.

In addition to recovering compensation for pain and suffering it is also possible to recover any associated costs arising from the development of mesothelioma, including the provision of specialist care and any additional costs incurred by close family members.

Hospice care is often required during the later stages of mesothelioma.  Such care may be available free of charge through charitable organisations such as McMillan Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care. Where this is not possible the costs of such care can be substantial.  Where they are paid by the family they can be reclaimed as part of the compensation package.  It may also be possible to recover the cost incurred by any charity as part of the compensation claim which can in turn be repaid to the charitable organisation. 

Should it not be possible to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation during the victim’s lifetime their family and anyone financially dependent upon them can pursue a claim. As with all personal injury claims, strict time limits apply and accordingly a claim should be brought as soon as possible. For further details see claims by families.

It is also possible to recover compensation even where the negligent party is no longer in existence and the relevant insurance company cannot be traced. For further details see mesothelioma schemes.   

All asbestos compensation claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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