Loss of Sight Compensation Claims

The loss of sight or even some degree of visual impairment can have a devastating effect on an individual’s life. Not only can this lead to obvious difficulties in undertaking daily tasks but also to the development of significant psychological symptoms.

The complete loss of vision will impact on every aspect of an individual’s life both at home and at work. Their ability to live independently will be greatly compromised and any claim for personal injury compensation must take into account the care and assistance that will be required on a permanent basis.

The psychological impact of complete loss of vision cannot be underestimated and any rehabilitation must take this into consideration in addition to the physical and practical difficulties which will arise. A substantial amount of rehabilitation will be required to enable anyone suffering loss of sight to get their lives back on track. This will involve learning new skills which are essential to every day living such as reading braille, learning about independent mobility and developing spatial awareness.

Accommodation needs must also be assessed and property modified where appropriate. Where modification of an existing home would not be provide suitable accommodation, alternative property will need to be obtained.

Employment rehabilitation should also be considered to allow the individual to develop new skills which may increase the possibility of some form of employment. This can have significant psychological as well as financial benefits.

Voluntary organisations such as Action for Blind People and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) can provide valuable practical advice and assistance on a daily basis. In addition they can ensure social interaction. Other local sight loss charities can be identified here.

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