Loss of Earnings

An applicant who is eligible for an injury payment may be eligible for a loss of earnings payment if the applicant has been unable to work because of their injury for a period of more than 28 weeks.

The applicant must meet the conditions below to qualify for a loss of earnings payment:

  • the reason the applicant is unable to work or have no or very limited capacity for work is a direct result of the injury ;
  • the applicant was in paid work at the time of the incident.
  • the applicant must have been in regular paid work for a period of 3 years immediately before the date of the incident or had a good reason for not being in regular paid work (such as full-time education or by reason of their age or caring responsibilities).

The payment of loss of earnings will be equivalent to statutory sick pay.

It is payable until the applicant is fit enough to return to work or the day upon which the applicant reaches state pension age or where the injury has resulted in the reduction of life expectancy until the expected end of the applicant’s life.

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