Local Authority Services

It is not always possible to persuade the Defendant to fund rehabilitation or to comply with the terms of the Rehabilitation Code.  In such circumstances it may be possible to obtain state funded rehabilitation whilst pursuing a personal injury compensation claim.

Under the NHS & Community Care Act 1990, a Local Authority must undertake an assessment of the needs of disabled individuals to ensure they have access to all appropriate state benefits and facilities provided by social services.  The level of facilities available however may vary from region to region.

In addition, there is no guarantee that service will continue in future and accordingly it is important to ensure that such facilities can ultimately be funded through personal injury compensation.

There is other legislation which places obligations upon Local Authorities to provide help with holidays, meals, telephone services and accommodation.

When pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation it is important to be aware of the services that may be available through the Local Authority in order to supplement the rehabilitation process.

In addition to the provision of facilities and services by the Local Authority various state benefits and allowances may be available where you have suffered personal injury.

At Sintons our personal injury specialists can advise you on issues relating to Local Authority provision and state benefits or allowances as part of your compensation claim.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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