Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal Expenses insurance is available as a stand alone policy although most people purchase this as an ‘add on’ to an existing policy such as car or home insurance. It will provide funding up to a set limit for certain types of legal action including some claims for personal injury compensation. The limit may not be sufficient to cover the costs of the claim and where this is the case additional After the Event Insurance may be required.

As the insurance is already in place, there should be no additional charge for providing legal funding up to the set limit. For this reason it is often referred to as ‘Before the Event’ insurance or BTE. As with many insurance policies an excess may be payable at the conclusion of the claim, depending upon the terms of the policy itself.

The insurers will normally only provide cover for personal injury compensation claims where there has been a specific accident. Very few policies provide funding for occupational disease claims.

There will normally be a set time limit within which notification must be given from the date of the accident and funding will only be provided where the insurer is satisfied that there are reasonable prospects of success. As a consequence it is a good idea to instruct a specialist personal injury solicitor at the outset so they may investigate the circumstances of the accident and assess the merits before contacting the insurers.

The biggest draw back with legal expenses cover is that the insurer will try to insist on instructing a specific firm of solicitors with whom they have a financial arrangement, rather than the solicitor of your choice. In addition, they will often attempt to persuade you that you will have to pay if you choose to pursue your personal injury claim with a solicitor of your own choice. There is however no need to use solicitors nominated by the insurers nor should you suffer financially if you choose your own solicitor.

By instructing Sintons you can still pursue your personal injury claim and take advantage of any legal expenses insurance you may have should this be necessary. For more information see LEI Myths.

At Sintons, we do not tie ourselves in to any insurers and are completely independent. We will advise you on the availability and suitability of any legal expenses insurance policy you may have and ensure that you can pursue your personal injury claim with no financial risk whatsoever.

To begin a personal injury compensation claim or obtain further advice with no obligation contact Sintons 24/7.