High Risk Exposure Industries

The UK currently has the highest number of mesothelioma deaths in the world and sadly these numbers continue to rise each year.

Thousands of people have been exposed while working in factories, power stations, construction, shipyards and railway yards, as well as while manufacturing asbestos containing products including, asbestos cloth, car and aircraft engine parts.

This was because asbestos was widely used throughout the UK in the manufacturing industry until the 1970’s and across the construction industry until the 1980’s due to its strengthening, fire resistant and insulating properties.

Today many private and public buildings including schools, hospitals, fire stations and shopping centres still contain large amounts of asbestos containing materials (ACMs). Tradesmen such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians and decorators remain at risk of substantial asbestos exposure as they repair, remove or disturb existing ACMs during routine maintenance, renovation, repair and demolition works. In today’s society, tradesmen are now the occupation at greatest risk of asbestos exposure.

Since 1999 we have had a complete ban on the use and importing of all asbestos products in the UK and over the years the Health and Safety Executive have introduced more stringent regulations regarding the safe handling of asbestos materials, it will however take many years for these measures to take effect.

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