Funding your Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Where a successful claim is brought for personal injury compensation it will normally be possible to recover the legal costs and expenses from the negligent party, although this may not always be possible in certain circumstances.

On some occasions the Court may order that a significant proportion of the costs are met by the person pursuing the personal injury claim even though compensation has been awarded. This can happen in a number of circumstances for example, where the Judge awards compensation which is lower than the sum previously offered in settlement by the Defendant, or where there is a significant finding of contributory negligence.

In these circumstances you may not only have to meet some of your own legal expenses (known as disbursements) but may also have to pay some of the Defendant’s legal costs and disbursements. In order to reduce or eliminate the possibility of having to meet such costs personally you should ensure that you have appropriate funding in place. This may be through a Trade Union, Legal Expenses Insurance or After the Event Insurance.

At Sintons our personal injury specialists can advise you fully on the most appropriate method of funding your claim to ensure that you do not face any financial risk.

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