Farm Worker Accident Compensation Claims

Farm workers like many employees face a number of potential hazards during the course of their employment. This includes the use of various types of work equipment, undertaking difficult and strenuous manual handling activities and working with a number of substances which can be hazardous to health, including livestock.

The dangers can be compounded because such work is often undertaken in relative isolation and some considerable distance from the nearest hospital or medical centre. This means that should an accident occur the consequences are likely to be far more serious.

The Health & Safety Executive has identified farm working as one of the most dangerous occupations which accounts for a significantly higher proportion of fatal injuries than other areas of work. They indicate that in the last 10 years almost one person per week has been killed as a direct result of agricultural work.

Where an accident occurs, this may give rise to a claim for personal injury compensation, just like any other work place.

Farm owners or managers like any employer, have an obligation to ensure that they provide a safe working environment and safe work equipment. In addition systems of work should be fully planned to ensure that tasks can be undertaken safely.

Farm workers should also receive full instruction and training to ensure that they know how to operate work equipment and how to undertake safe systems of work.

Personal protective equipment should also be provided and steps should be taken to prevent exposure to dangerous substances.

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