Crane Accident Compensation Claims

Cranes are an essential part of almost every construction site no matter what type of building work is being undertaken. Even on relatively small building sites, cranes may be required to move heavy materials such as roof trusses and pallets of bricks.

The use of a crane can however give rise to a number of potential hazards which can cause serious and even fatal injuries. As a consequence the use of cranes needs to be carefully planned in order to minimise the risk of personal injury.

Common accidents involving cranes include:

  • Striking obstructions such as power lines;
  • Objects falling from cranes;
  • Cranes collapsing;
  • Crushing injuries when attempting to handle goods supported by cranes.

The law requires all operations involving lifting equipment to be properly planned by a competent person, appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner. Cranes and lifting accessories such as slings must be of adequate strength, tested and subject to the required examinations and inspections. All crane operators and people involved in slinging loads and directing lifting operations must be trained and competent.

Risk assessments should be undertaken to identify the potential dangers involved in operating the crane and from working in the immediate area where the crane is to be used. In addition all employees must be fully trained and aware of the potential dangers of working on the construction site at the same time.

Like all work equipment, cranes should be regularly inspected and maintained whilst steps should also be taken to ensure that the loads which are lifted do not exceed the safe limit for the type of crane in operation. The Health & Safety Executive provides guidance on the safe use of cranes.

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