Claiming for Pleural Thickening

It may be possible to recover personal injury compensation if you are suffering symptoms arising from pleural thickening where this condition has developed as a result of your exposure to asbestos dust and fibres.

In law, pleural thickening is classified as a divisible injury, which means that it relates to a condition that worsens with increasing amounts of exposure to asbestos dust and fibres.

The amount of compensation awarded for your injury will generally depend upon the severity of the symptoms suffered at the time and also the risk of deterioration in the future.

Because your injury is divisible, the full amount of any compensation award must be divided between all the parties (usually your employer or their insurer) responsible for your exposure to asbestos. In general it is divided based on the amount of time you were exposed to asbestos fibres with each negligent employer but other factors may be considered, depending on the facts of each case.

If one or more of your previous employers and/or their insurers cannot be traced or cannot pay their agreed portion of your total compensation award, then you will not be able to recover all of your compensation monies because you cannot recover any unpaid sums from anyone else.

These types of claims can be very complex, particularly if a number of parties have been responsible for the asbestos exposure and are no longer trading.

At Sintons we have significant experience dealing with these types of claims and will happily guide you through the process of making a claim based on your unique set of circumstances.

All asbestos compensation claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk to you or your family.

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