Children Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Road accidents account for over half of the accidental deaths involving children aged between 5 and 14 years old. The majority of these occur as pedestrians although children are also at significant risk when cycling on roads or travelling as passengers in motor vehicles.

The law expects all drivers to be particularly vigilant for children and to ensure that they are driving appropriately when children are in sight or are likely be in the vicinity. This is because it is recognised that a child may not have the same level of competency on a bicycle as an adult or have the same degree of awareness as a pedestrian. In addition a car driver must ensure that they can stop quickly in case a child suddenly runs across the road or fails to use a crossing properly.

It is also recognised that the injuries sustained by children involved in road traffic accidents may be far more serious and could have a significant impact on their subsequent development.

The actions of a parent or guardian may be called in to question if children play by or cross a road without adequate control or supervision; or if a child is allowed to cycle on roads without appropriate knowledge or experience. Other issues may be raised such as the provision of a helmet in cycling accidents or the proper use of a child seat when injured as a passenger in a car. Such issues could have a significant bearing on the level of compensation that can be recovered and accordingly it is important that you seek advice from a personal injury specialist with experience in claims of this nature.

At Sintons we have a wealth of experience in pursuing compensation claims for children injured on the road either as a pedestrian, cyclist, or passenger.

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