Children Car Passenger Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

A significant number of children are injured each year travelling as passengers in motor vehicles. In such circumstances it may be possible to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation on the child’s behalf.

Such a claim may be brought against the driver of the vehicle in which the child was travelling or another road user depending on the accident circumstances.

Where an accident occurs, many serious injuries arise because children were not properly restrained or secured in child seats. Children are required to use some form of child seat until the age of 12 or if they are less than 135 cm in height. Failure to ensure that a child is properly restrained will not only significantly increase the risk of injury but could also eliminate the possibility of a claim or seriously reduce the level of compensation that can be recovered.

In the event that a child is involved in a road traffic accident any car seat that was used at the time should always be replaced even if no damage is apparent. The cost of the replacement can be recovered as part of the personal injury compensation claim itself.

Where it is not necessary for a child to be restrained in a car seat they must still wear a seat belt and be properly restrained as with any other passenger. Failure to wear a seat belt will reduce the level of compensation that can be recovered if the negligent party can establish that the use of a seat belt would have reduced the severity of the injury.

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