Asbestos in Construction Compensation Claims

Asbestos acts as an insulator to keep heat in or out, has good fire protection and sound proofing properties, whilst it can also protect against corrosion.

As a result of these properties asbestos is found in many different products previously used in the construction industry. These include ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, boilers and sprayed coatings.

Asbestos was extensively used from the 1950’s through to the mid 1980’s but continued to be used to some extent prior to a complete ban in 1999.

According to the Health & Safety Executive asbestos is the biggest occupational disease risk to construction workers. Research commissioned by the HSE established that in 2005 it was responsible for the death of over 2,500 constructions workers. These deaths arose from mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancer.

Workers are at particular risk when undertaking demolition work or major modifications on existing buildings.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 imposes a variety of duties on employers with regard to work which disturbs or is likely to disturb asbestos. In addition the approved Code of Practice published by the Health & Safety Executive provides guidance and practical advice on how to comply with the regulations and to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure. A further publication entitled Asbestos Essentials is aimed at all workers who may come into contact with asbestos including electricians, builders, plumbers and carpenters.

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