Anxiety Compensation Claims

Being involved in a road traffic accident is an extremely traumatic event. Even where significant physical injury is not sustained many accident victims continue to suffer psychological symptoms. As a consequence when pursuing a personal injury claim it is important that the psychological effects of the accident are fully investigated.

Psychological symptoms often persist because the accident occurred suddenly and was beyond the victim’s control. In addition many people suffer from thoughts of ‘what if’ as they recognise that the physical injuries they suffered could have been far more serious. This can give rise to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder involving nightmares and flashbacks.

Even where accident victims do not suffer severe psychologial symptoms many drivers and passengers experience continued anxiety when in a vehicle, particularly when travelling on the accident route or when the manoeuvre is repeated that previously led to the accident. This may be something as simple as waiting at a junction or pulling out onto a major road.

Such psychological symptoms can persist indefinitely without appropriate treatment and can have a significant impact on an accident victim’s life.

At Sintons we have a wealth of experience of pursuing personal injury claims arising from road traffic accidents. As a consequence we ensure that all clients undergo appropriate screening to identify any potential psychological symptoms arising from the accident. In addition where necessary examination will be undertaken by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist to identify what treatment will be necessary to ensure a full recovery.

By recognising the psychological effects of road traffic accidents we can ensure that our clients not only recover the maximum level of compensation but also make the best recovery possible.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

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