Accidents on Trains Compensation Claims

Whilst train travel is generally regarded as one of the safest modes of transport, when accidents do occur the effects can be catastrophic.

In such circumstances, to recover personal injury compensation it is necessary to identify who was to blame for the accident. This may not always be straightforward as a number of parties and companies may be involved. For example the accident could have been caused by driver error, signalling problems or poor maintenance.

On occasions trains are also involved in collisions with other vehicles on the track. Whilst such collisions rarely involve significant physical injury to train passengers, this is not always the case. In such circumstances it may be necessary to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation against the driver of the vehicle arising from their unauthorised presence on the track.

Whilst major train crashes are thankfully rare a significant number of other accidents still occur involving individuals either working on or travelling by train. The most common types of accidents arise from slips, trips and falls by passengers using trains or railway stations. Train companies and rail operators owe a general duty of care to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of passengers. This includes the provision of safe access to and from trains as well as the safe use of the trains themselves.

Maintenance work is often being undertaken at stations which remain open to the public. In these circumstances the contractors and the occupiers of the station must ensure that the work is undertaken in a safe manner and that reasonable steps are taken to minimise the risk of injury. This will include for example cordoning off work areas and ensuring adequate alternative routes are available.

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