Accidents at School Compensation Claims

A school or nursery is responsible for the wellbeing of a child whilst under their supervision.

As a consequence any accident which leads to a child sustaining personal injury at school or in a nursery, may give rise to a compensation claim if it can be shown that there was a lack of safe equipment or appropriate supervision. Staff must also have the necessary training to ensure that they are able to safely look after the children under their care.

The school or nursery must identify any special needs or behavioural problems that may exist so that these can be taken into consideration when planning supervision and what equipment or materials may be appropriate. They must also ensure that all toys and equipment are safe and suitable for use by the children under their care. This may involve segregating certain children depending upon their age and capabilities or providing additional supervision when certain tasks are undertaken.

Guidelines are provided by the Local Council or Authority responsible for the school or nursery to ensure the safety of children under their care. Failure to comply with the Guidelines may give rise to a claim for compensation should injury arise as a consequence.

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