Accidents on Package Holidays Compensation Claims

Should you suffer personal injury whilst on a holiday, trip or excursion, it is important to establish whether the incident may be covered by the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992.

A package holiday under the Regulations is a holiday, trip or excursion:

  • Which lasts for a period of over 24 hours or includes overnight accommodation;
  • Was paid for under one invoice to a single company;
  • Includes a combination of at least two of the following which were arranged prior to the holiday commencing:
  • i. Transport;
  • ii. Accommodation;
  • iii. Other tourist services not related to transport or accommodation (such as sight seeing or activity events).

Where the Regulations apply the tour operator can be held directly responsible for any holiday accident and any personal injury suffered as a consequence, either within or outside the UK, providing that the accident arose through the negligence of another party. The same would apply to any holiday illness that you may suffer, for example food poisoning or legionnaires disease.

This can be extremely helpful when the holiday accident of illness occurs abroad as it means that you can bring the claim in the UK under UK law.

For the Regulations to apply the negligent act must be linked directly to the accommodation, travel or event that you purchased through the tour operator.

At Sintons, our personal injury specialists can advise you fully on all aspects of your holiday compensation claim and in particular whether the Package Tour Regulations may apply.

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