Accidents Involving Pedestrians Compensation Claims

All road users have a duty of care towards pedestrians. As a consequence should you be struck by a vehicle whilst using the pavement or crossing the road you may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation.

Motorists must take special care when driving in built up areas particularly where young or vulnerable people may be using the pavement, road or crossings. This would include areas by or close to a school, hospital, elderly care home, park or shopping precinct. Motorists should also be extra vigilant when driving down roads lined with other parked vehicles as it may be difficult to see pedestrians, particularly children who may often attempt to cross without giving any warning.

It is a fact that a higher proportion of pedestrians suffer serious injuries than other victims involved in road traffic accidents. As a consequence it is important that you have access to expert legal advice and rehabilitation services. This is not only to ensure that you recover the personal injury compensation you deserve but also that you receive expert medical and rehabilitation services at the earliest opportunity.

Should you suffer a personal injury in a road traffic accident when someone else was to blame, we can provide:

  • Free physiotherapy treatment (usually within 3 working days of instruction);
  • Access to expert rehabilitation services to identify any aids or treatment that may increase your independence in the short term and help maximise your prospects of recovery;
  • Private medical treatment where necessary to reduce unnecessary waiting times;
  • Provision of interim payments to off-set any loss of earnings suffered or additional losses and expenses incurred.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.

To begin a personal injury compensation claim or obtain further advice with no obligation contact Sintons 24/7.