Accidents on Boats or Ships Compensation Claims

Whilst most people use ships and boats as a means of transport they also represent a place of employment. This is not only for the members of the ship’s crew. Maintenance or refurbishment work may be required whilst the ship or boat is in dock and accordingly a number of different companies may be undertaking work on the vessel at the same time. All will owe a duty of care to fellow workmen.

Should you be involved in an accident whilst working on a ship or boat it may be possible to recover personal injury compensation against the negligent party. In such circumstances a claim must normally be submitted within 3 years from the date of the accident.

Different time limits may apply to passengers on a boat or ship who suffer injury, depending upon the type of vessel and the nature of their journey.

Accidents which occur on cruise ships operating in international waters are covered by the terms of the Athens Convention. This Convention has priority over UK law. As a consequence whilst it is possible to pursue a compensation claim through the Courts in England and Wales, this must be done under the terms of the Convention itself. It is important to appreciate that the time limit for bringing a claim for personal injury compensation under the Athens Convention is only 2 years. The Athens Convention does not only cover accidents at sea but also complaints such as food poisoning and other forms of bacterial illness contracted by passengers whilst travelling on international cruises.

The Convention only applies to vessels which are being used for International cruises. As a consequence should you sustain injury whilst a passenger on a ship or boat used for a journey which is solely in or around the British Isles, normal UK law will apply.

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