Accidents in Airports Compensation Claims

Air travel is becoming increasingly popular and as a consequence there has been significant airport expansion in recent decades.

Should you sustain injury as a result of an accident in an airport it is important to establish not only how this occurred but also where it occurred. Airports provide many facilities such as shops, restaurants and bars all of which will have individual responsibility for the area that they occupy. As a consequence should you suffer injury it may be necessary to consider pursuing a compensation claim against more than one party where it is not entirely clear who was to blame.

The Airport Authority and any companies operating within the airport itself have a duty to ensure that visitors can use all facilities safely. The responsibility for passenger safety may differ however once they have passed through the departure gate. This is because once in the departure area, passengers may be deemed to be in the process of embarking upon the flight, even when they are not actually being called to board the plane. Where it is determined that an accident occurred during the process of embarkation any claim for compensation will be governed by the Montreal Convention on Air Travel.

Airports and the associated companies are also responsible for employing significant numbers of workers undertaking a variety of different tasks. Health & Safety Legislation applies to airports and associated premises as with any workplace. As a consequence employers have a duty to ensure that they provide a safe place of employment, safe work equipment and safe systems of work.

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