Personal Injury Compensation Claims – Romanian and foreign nationals

Sintons is one of the leading Romanian speaking personal injury legal firms in the UK, with 32 partners and over 170 employees.

We know that suffering a personal injury can not only be painful but can also have a major effect on your life and on your family.

Additional worry and stress can be caused by a lack of knowledge of the legal system and the language barrier – especially if English is not your first language.

Sintons has been representing people throughout the UK for 125 years and is recognised by independent organisations such as The Legal 500, Chambers & Partners, APIL and The Law Society as experts in the personal injury compensation claim field.

We represent many non-English speaking clients and have experienced solicitors who are dedicated to assisting you with your compensation claim, whether you were involved in an accident at work or road traffic accident – such as in a car, as a pedestrian, on a bike, as a cyclist or as a passenger.

Our clients, including many foreign nationals, as well as Romanian speaking people, can rely on our wealth of personal injury experience. Depending on the language, we can assist you via trusted translators we have been working with for many years or by our in-house foreign language speaking legal specialists.

An example is one of our employees who qualified as a lawyer in Romania and can help you with a personal injury claim in the Romanian language on a No Win No Fee basis.

We are able to assist you, not only in obtaining the highest possible compensation, but also in arranging free physiotherapy and rehabilitation, recovery and hire car where appropriate.

All personal injury compensation claims are handled by us on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you do not bear the financial risk, and we will not earn anything if we do not obtain compensation for you.

If you have had an accident at work, road or other accident, contact us for free initial advice from compensation experts who will be able to answer your questions.

  • Will I have to pay an advance on the case when choosing your law office?
  • How do you handle my case, and will I have to pay you anything if I don’t get compensation?
  • Is Sintons a law firm or an intermediary who does not handle cases himself, but transfers them to English-speaking law offices?
  • Will the service be in Romanian language?
  • You have a lot of experience representing people with serious injuries, but do you also handle smaller cases?
  • Who pays for the accident’s compensation?
  • What accident compensation in the UK can I count on?
  • If I want to use your services, do I have to come to your office?
  • Who can benefit from your help?

To find out more about our legal assistance services in Romanian language, please contact us on our free telephone number 0800 046 1549.

Our Romanian specialist in personal injuries can offer free initial advice, with no obligation.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.